Intron Technology Seals Strategic Cooperation with Chinese AI Chip Unicorn Horizon Robotics - Deepens Technological Collaboration to Develop Smart Mobility and Autonomous Driving in China


(7 October 2020, Hong Kong) – Intron Technology Holdings Limited (“Intron Technology” or the “Group”; HKEX: 1760), a fast-growing automotive electronics solutions provider in China, has established strategic cooperation with Beijing Horizon Robotics Technology R&D Co., Ltd. (“Horizon Robotics”), a leading developer of edge AI chips in China. Given that Intron Technology is now developing intelligent automotive electronics products and solutions based on Horizon Robotics’ automotive-grade AI chips, the latest cooperation will enable the both parties to deepen technological collaboration in areas of smart vehicles and automated driving, as well as to foster the development of Internet of Vehicles (“IoV”) and products and technologies lead to automated driving. Intron and Horizon will jointly develop products and solutions in aspects from Advanced Driver-assistance System (“ADAS”) to automated driving functions that fulfil L1 to L3 of automated driving requirements, in order to empower customers as well as to accelerate the R&D and application development of domestic intelligent vehicles.

As the top edge AI chips developer with leading design capability of AI algorithms and chips, Horizon Robotics launched the first automotive-grade AI chip in China - “Journey 2”, a major breakthrough in domestic vehicle AI chips. As the only tech unicorn in China who achieved mass production of car OEM Pre-installed automotive-grade AI chip, Horizon Robotics showcased “Journey 3” with better performance during a recent automotive exhibition held in Beijing, and will soon unveil “Journey 5”, an advanced automated driving chip that claims to outperform Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (“FSD”).

Mr. Eddie Chan, Co-CEO and Executive Director of Intron Technology, said, “As the government strongly supports the development of domestic smart vehicles, the win-win co-operation between Intron Technology and Horizon Robotics forms a strong alliance and technological resource-sharing between two major players. Integrating our strengths in the R&D of AI and automotive electronics technologies, we will be able to develop a series of leading core technologies and solutions of automotive electronics using ‘China chip’, thus help accelerate the innovation, development and mass production of domestic-brand smart vehicles and automated driving products in China.”

Recently, Intron Technology and Horizon Robotics exhibited the latest products and system solutions for smart vehicles at the 16th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition themed “智領未來SMART VEHICLE FOR THE FUTURE”, featuring the latest technologies and products, and demonstrating the creative concepts and R&D results in product upgrade, industrial upgrade and travel model in the global automotive industry. During the event, Intron Technology and Horizon Robotics set up a smart Intelligent In-Vehicle Infotainment (“IVI”) display area, widely attracted the attention of professional visitors and media.

Intron Technology and Horizon Robotics set up a smart IVI area, widely attracting the attention of professional visitors and media.

Mr. Yu Kai, Founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics, said, “The development of smart vehicles has presented a once-in-a-century opportunity to the automotive industry in China, while automotive electronics is a critical part in the development of smart vehicles. Intron Technology has accumulated strong technological capability and industry experience in the area of automotive electronics, and as a leading provider of edge AI chips and solutions, Horizon Robotics hopes to empower its business partner with robust, open and user-friendly automotive-grade AI chips. Through this cooperation, we aim at developing industry-leading smart driving solutions with concerted efforts to address the functional needs for the current development of smart vehicles, and ultimately expediting the development of smart vehicles in China.”

Left: Mr. Eddie Chan, Co-CEO and Executive Director of Intron Technology
Right: Mr. Yu Kai, Founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics

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About Intron Technology Holdings Limited (英恒科技控股有限公司)
Intron Technology Holdings Limited is a fast-growing automotive electronics solutions provider in China focuses on providing solutions targeting critical automotive electronic components applied in New Energy, Body Control, Safety and Powertrain systems. The Group utilises its research and development and engineering capabilities to provide solutions incorporating advanced semiconductor devices to help OEMs achieve industry leading performance.

About Beijing Horizon Robotics Technology R&D Co., Ltd. (北京地平線機器人技術研發有限公司)
Horizon Robotics is dedicated to becoming a global leader of edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) chips and solutions that make life safer and better. It possesses leading AI algorithms and chip design capability. Through the integrated use of software and hardware, it has designed and developed high-performance, cost-effective and low-power edge AI chips and solutions to empower its cooperating partners. As for intelligent driving and AI and Internet of Things (AIoT), Horizon Robotics can provide very high cost-performance edge AI chips, the highest power efficiency, an open tool chain, various algorithm model samples and a full range of empowering services for its customers.